Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Daily Latte

Even before the strict $50 a week budget started, I've always wished for but couldn't justify a daily latte.  I do budget $25 a month for Starbucks and I try to save it for days I'm working all night or at 5 am, but that money doesn't equal very many cups of coffee, and even less much more expensive lattes.  

So in came my at home latte making equipment.  By definition, this is technically closer to a misto, or cafe au lait (half coffee, half milk) then a latte (shots of espresso and steamed milk) because I'm not pulling shots of espresso or steaming any milk, but it solves my desires for a latte so completely, I prefer it to Starbucks.  

I love my Bella kettle because it's beautiful and functional.  

I keep a coffee grinder because the fancy coffee shops in San Francisco will not sell you pre-ground coffee.  

I am obsessed, yes, obsessed with my capresso milk frother because it heats my milk up to a perfect temperature without me having to babysit it (stovetop) or cleanup it up when it boils over (microwave). 

Single serve French coffee press.  Because, who doesn't love a bodum coffee press?  

Mug with my initial.  A definite yes for anyone.  

Flip switch on kettle
Pour milk into frother/warmer
Grind coffee
Pour coffee into French press, use what you would use for a full cup of black coffee.  
Pour hot water over grinds, just enough to saturate grinds. 
Let grinds brew for about 3 minutes.  
Pour everything into a mug and drink contentedly.  

Time from start to finish? Less time then it takes to run to Starbucks.  

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