Friday, October 16, 2015

Nuwave Portobello Mushroom Schnitzel

The recipe: 

I left for Copenhagen on Tuesday and wanted to use up the portobello mushrooms I had in my fridge, as I knew the Mister wasn't going to be cooking them for himself.  I also knew he wasn't going to enjoy anything I cooked with them, unless they were mostly hidden, but then remembered the best get someone to eat gross stuff trick: fry it.  

As we had just taken a German food cooking class the Saturday before, portobello schnitzel sounded perfect.  I realized that I had no eggs, but this brilliant recipe is VEGAN! 

And then I realized I had no frying oil, but I own a Nuwave, so I cooked them in that, on high, 10 minutes on each side, then drizzled a dab of olive oil on them and cooked for two more minutes.  They turned out crispy and fried tasting with a great earthy vibe from the sesame seeds called for in the batter.  I also used the husbands homemade sour cherry beer for the batter, which meant the leftover beer paired nicely with the dinner.  

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